My friend thinks every player is cheating

I actually have the opposite problem to the OP.

I've never suspected an enemy hunter of cheating, but i think some of the people who do might be onto something. I have a buddy of mine who I used to play hunt with, and many things he somehow was able to pull off was some mythical-level BS. I used to think I was simply being salty because he was better than me, but after 1K hours playing with him, and the fact that EAC had actually tripped and banned him once, I'm convinced that a lot of what happened was simply not possible under normal circumstances.

Firstly, somehow when we play together, we never get dropped on. He'd be walking across the field, then he'd go "there's someone over there", then BANG! "Got one." BANG! "Got another." BANG! "That's all of em."

Like, no matter how much you watch your surroundings, you WILL get ambushed at least once every other matches because there's a bit luck involved with the spawn points. Yet, we've somehow never walked into their hands.

Also his wall banging techniques are quite dubious. Sometimes he'd say I'm trying to look inside the compound through the gaps in the wall (even though there's another layer of wall behind it..), and BANG! "Got one." Sometimes he'd say "is that their weapon poking out of the wall?" and then BANG! "Got another". Like dude, we're going up against 5-stars and 6-stars, do you expect me to believe those people are actually that careless with the guns?

Even his shooting by sound is suspicious. If you watch any hunt streamer, you'd always see them doing quite a handful of test shots before actually tagging anyone. Yet my buddy somehow was able to take hunters down in 2 (or even 1) shot through the wall.

I'm not saying that cheaters are everywhere, but I'm sure there's still quite a lot of them around, like my buddy, for example.

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