My Friend's Fridge Because His Parents Haven't Cleaned It, One of Many Fridges In The House

Yeah, we had a hoarder living above us in our apartment complex. She recently got evicted so they’re finally able to clean everything out, but regardless of it being a mental health issue, she’s not blameless.

It’s caused both my significant other and I to have respiratory irritations, migraines, and frequent headaches. On top of that, her apartment would stink up the outside and our restroom if the fan was on at the same time as hers. Constant clouds of flies in the warmer months.

If that wasn’t enough, the woman had three cats in a 400-500 square foot apartment and she abandoned them in the unit when she left. They’re luckily at the local animal shelter now, but they had eye and respiratory infections that they’d lived with for who knows how long. Plus, tons and tons of fleas.

So I definitely agree, on some level it’s sad that someone’s life can fall apart like that, but it’s also hugely and overwhelmingly disgusting.

Mental illness is a reason for your thoughts and impressions, it is never an excuse for harm done.

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