My friends used to make fun of me for reading self-improvement books. Now I own this shit

I hated reading so much as a kid and a teen because I had to read shit that was so meaningless and boring like story books and the whole curriculum killed any interest I had in reading. However, I got a book recommended to me and I started reading again. It’s called “Limitless” by Jim Kwik. It teaches you how to learn things a lot more effectively and unlock your limitless mindset by a) getting rid of limited ideas we entertain daily with negative self talk b) effectively use strategies to note take, break down study sessions and refresh memory c) learn how to speed read. It’s a great self help book and I am currently using it to learn C++ and so far these techniques work wonders. Personally, I take my time reading books because I let myself digest the information so I can retain it more but I’m back into reading and I love it.

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