My gf[22] went to visit friends and saw her ex. Now she doesn't know if she wants to be with me[26] anymore.

The biggest advice for you to take at this current point, is to sit down with her and get a full closure talk. This should be a long and deep talk, about your feelings, about where the relationship went wrong, about who this guy is, and what he has that she wants over what you guys have. all of the things that are hard to talk about, but what will eat you alive if you didn't talk to her about it. Talk about absolutely everything, ask every question you have, and make sure she answers them. She sounds like she doesn't want to hurt you, so just tell her straight up, "You know how bad my past relationships hurt me. I need you to be honest with me, and answer every single question that I have. If I ask it, don't lie to me to me to spare my feelings. Be honest with me, as it is the only way I can move on and be happy again, which is what I know you want". Unless she is an horrible person, she will do this for you, and yes, it will suck, but it helps the healing process immensely. Then its all about focusing on you. Hit the gym, get more hobbies. Replace the time that you spent with her with something you enjoy doing, and get back into the dating game as soon as you feel ready. Yes, this probably means crying yourself to sleep every time you think about her for the next month or so, but every day, do SOMETHING that makes you happy. Don't lay there and be sad and be mopey. Go out and do something. The easiest thing to do is just walk outside, find the first person you can that is also walking, and stop and talk to them. Just get out and do something, be something, don't sit at home and lament the end of the relationship, or you'll forever be stuck in the past.

This is the best advice I've ever seen on reddit, holy shit. Everything this dude just said is the truth.

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