My girlfriend (22/F) of six months said she needs space after I (27/M) told her I love her.

This may sound so wrong but please don’t make her a priority as soon as your getting your life together! Your the priority! She didn’t say it back future wise even though all your doing and everything this has been! You went back to a halfway house, if she reallt felt a certain way I’m sorry but she wouldn’t act that way. I’m sorry I’m just saying it for what it is, ofcourse your nowhere to be saying anything to her as of rn but these happen you had such a crazy life ordeal and she was there and now there’s attachment. But if you learned as much as I can see and read and your sincere it’ll take time but you’ll find the person to be your priority but she definitely isn’t it. Not saying your a saint please don’t take anything I said the wrong way I really am here to listen or even get cursed out in this case because of this but you really have potential in changing your whole life around your on track and making her apart of it especially and a very serious piece isn’t the answer! Your the fucking answer! I e seen this and it hurts so bad when your literally everything you need to focus on rn she’s really not there. I am sorry but just see it under another light just like you seen under another light that your not perfect! I believe in you & your gonna make it with your heart and determination from what’s depicted

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