My girlfriend [24F] of 2 years gave me [26M] some nude photos as a surprise gift. But I found a friend of mine [M] took them and I feel really uncomfortable about it.

The unfortunate reality is that, assuming the worst, a risk analysis of her options favors her giving you the photos anyway. Assuming impropriety, the photos were taken deliberately for someone else to possess, but as such they would exist as evidence, and the impact of you discovering them later would be catastrophic, so something must be done to neutralize them (apart their outright destruction). If she just feigns innocence and gives them to you as a gift, you give her the benefit of the doubt because she’s not “clever” enough to lie, then their value as evidence is neutralized and she has established a possible foundation for an extended affair. I mean, worst case scenario could play out right under your nose.... life is cruel.

But best case scenario, where everything is proper, she would also give you the pics. However, her behavior in this case is a lot less clever. It’s impressively not clever.

So sounds like she’s either clever and manipulating you, or naive as fuck and at risk of being taken advantage of at any time. Neither of these are great, but I hope you can work it out. If you trust her, be careful not to ruin a good thing with insecurity. In order to maintain the relationship moving forward it will be important that you fully forgive her, and keep that forgiveness in mind when discussing your boundaries.

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