My girlfriend (28F) and I (28M) have been discussing getting engaged. I feel horrible about this, but I have been hesitating to move forward with it, and I think it's because I'm not physically attracted to her anymore.

You are getting a lot of flak for being concerned about your partner. Yes people change and age, that is not some excuse to say that being an obese slug at 28 is not cause for concern (not that your partner is!). I would caution that this is a difficult conversation to have, but healthy, happy people usually have a physical outlet or hobby. The pandemic has affected everyone in its own way - is it possible that the stress / restrictions have made it harder to take care of herself? Alternatively you could suggest something you both enjoy as a healthy outlet to bond over (e.g. running, hiking, walks).

I know people are calling you vain or superficial, but physical attraction is a component of a healthy relationship. Having a genuine discussion about your concerns is important - and while there is more stigma, I think it's comparable to pointing out body odor or not brushing your teeth.

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