My girlfriend [F24] called men "failed abortions" and is now trying to walk it back [M23]

You are probably a troll account but if what you say is true then:

  1. You are not a man. Maybe you were born with a penis but that’s about it.
  2. Your girlfriend probably looks like sasquatch because desirable women with options do not date sissies like you. Nor do they hate men. Only bitter women with no good male options hate men because they cannot get the men they really want. It’s a fox and sour grapes situation. I’m betting your girlfriend is morbidly obese, blue haires, tatted, has piercings, is educated (if she is) in a fake thing like sociology or gender studies.
  3. Just turn gay. Clearly you cannot cut it as a straight male so just admit to yourself you are a bottom and be done with it.
  4. Be happy. You are beautiful. In every single way. Yeah words can’t bring you down.
  5. Baby you’re a firework.
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