My girlfriend keeps bringing up marriage, but I'm always doubting my decisions. How did you guys know undoubtedly she was the one?

my SO is really pushing me to propose in the near future. This should be a carefully considered. She has an agenda and your an integral part of it. I’m not saying she’s not the best thing to happen to you nor am I saying that she’s anything but sincere. She wants you to be her man. If that’s good with you then go for it.

The bigger problem is what you seem to have brushed off... we have never had fights over anything serious despite our differences in beliefs. Oy vey is this a ticking time bomb. What is going to happen when she wants to take your kids to church and you want to shield them from religion?

You’re 22! Have you ever lived alone? Do you really know who you are?

Sit down and think about what you want. I’ll tell you one will be an entirely different person in 20 years.

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