My girlfriend of the past 7 months told me that she has same sex attraction. I’m unsure of how I want to proceed.

There is never a guarantee you won't be hurt or betrayed or failed. Trust me, I feel you: my parents' marriage, and one of their lives, ended because of adultery. It's awful and horrible and sadly not uncommon.

But lots of people do get married and stay married without cheating on each other. These are disproportionately practicing, observant religious people, with a commitment to God that is deeper and more important than that they have for their spouse. If you and your significant other are really in that camp, you're much better off than you might realize.

But to repeat myself: yes, you are vulnerable when you love other people. There's just no getting around that. We have a God-man who can attest to that, and who forgives us who betrayed him. He's the only one who will never fail us or leave us, and if we love him first and other people second, we have a lot more peace and a better grasp on reality.

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