My girlfriend told me she was with a friend, but that friend was with me picking out an engagement ring. How do I confront my girlfriend about her lie?

The age also puts things into context. While some people can know what they want at that age, settling down at 22 still feels pretty early. I’m 21 and can’t imagine married life yet. Hence, she’s more likely to be cheating. The 28 year old might be looking realistically for more stability.

In fact, it’s almost a sad cliche to air out here: the age difference in the 20s is, I argue, significant enough to cause this kind of incompatibility. A few breakups before marriage is basically the done thing and so do people say, “I had to meet all the others before you to know that you were the one for sure.”

She wouldn’t have anything to lose, even if OP does break up. Her spontaneous getaways suggest she has other options lined up. The best cheaters don’t get caught, unfortunately.

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