My girlfriend used to be an escort

I have female friends who, for a time, were escorts. These are nice, decent women whom I am very fond of, and I can tell you that a good many nice, normal women go through a phase where they temporarily almost become someone else, either because of the thrill of the illicit or the great deal of tax free money they are making. Then they snap out of it and stop, and usually feel great regret about that period of their lives. Escorting doesn't mean the woman doesn't have a loving heart or a damaged mind in all cases, and when they stop they return to being their normal selves. I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about, what she did back then is not a reflection on you or your relationship. Remember, she came to you and told you the truth, and from what you wrote, it sounds like she just wanted to get it out in the open so that she and the two of you can get past it and continue to have a loving, long-term relationship. The fact that she was in college at the time also squares with women I have met who escorted for a while, that's usually the age at which they do it. Her reasons for escorting at that time are less important than that she left it behind, put it behind her, and returned to being the girl you love. I would say, don't let it bother you, if her experience doing this in any way made her think less of you she wouldn't be with you. Not all escorts are what some people would call "whores" or psychologically damaged people. It's simple a far more common phenomenon than people know. And if part of what you're feeling now is sexual insecurity, because you're imagining what some of the men she was with were like anatomically compared to you, put that shit out of your head. Like I said, she wouldn't be with you if she found you inadequate.

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