My girlfriend's brother decided to stab holes in my shoes for no reason. He is 26 years old.

This is an ethical argument that you are making. The counter is more practical.

Correct. Is that a problem?

It’s unlikely that somebody who would do this would have the funds or, better yet, the interest in remedying the problem.

Probably true, yes.

Like cool he owes you new shoes.

Yes, he does.

What happens when he says no?

He continues to owe the owner a pair of shoes, or an equivalent amount of money until, to replace the pair he damaged.

Call the cops?

Why? They're shoes.

You can’t force somebody to buy you new shoes, even if they are the ones who ruined them in the first place.

Well you can. But only a rare set if circumstances would justify using force to clear the debt.

The bottom line is that the obligation remains. We don't relieve people of responsibility for their actions simply because they cannont honour debts they incur.

Dude wrecked another guy's shoes. Dude owes the other guy a pair. Dude can honour the debt or be a dirt-bag. His call.

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