My husband (28m) doesn't discuss having kids and it's affecting my (30f) feelings about our relationship

I’ll be honest. My husband was freaked out about the idea of kids. I went off the pill and told him if he didn’t want any, preventing it was on him from this point forward. He could have a vasectomy, pull out, wear a condom, whatever. 4 months later, 2 little pink lines (I don’t think he ever even pulled out once lol). When I told him that I was pregnant (I was only 4 weeks), I told him that if he really didn’t want the baby, I would have an abortion but only if he got a vasectomy because I wouldn’t do it a second time. He never said he didn’t want the baby and he never got a vasectomy.

We had the baby last year and she’s the best. I love her so much, and so does he. I’m back on birth control because I don’t want another baby right now, but I plan to do the same thing again when she’s 3 or 4. I figure it’s my body and I don’t have to take birth control if I don’t want to, and as long as I’m honest about it, he’s a grown up and can prevent a pregnancy just as well as I can.

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