My husband (31) admitted to me (26F) that he is in love with someone else but he doesn't want me to leave him.

If he wants to be around....

Have you thought about divorcing but living as roomates? I mean a situation where you go see an attorney and lay it all out so you both know where it all stands mentally, physically and emotionally, and financially. Once the love goes away and you just admit it, there's a lot that can be done.

Or... get legally separated or divorced, move out and have it laid out by an attorney.

Basically I am in love with an attorney for this stuff. I am separated, but not legally and we are winging it, and there are things that I have to suck up and deal with that I hate, because I need health insurance and financial support while I dinish uo school.

I would def stop saying you can see the baby whenever. Obviously you arent going to deny him, thats implied.

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