My husband (34M) wants me (26F) to work out so he can feel more romantically possessive of me; not sure what to do.

You are you, and there are probably some things that need work in your relationship. I do agree that he may, even unconsciously, be manipulative. Your man is not perfect, nobody is. But redditors' favorite advice is leave that POS now. There's no perfect man out there, like there's no perfect woman either. Talk to him, tell him how his comment made you feel. Work together and if in the end you are incompatible, then act accordingly. None of us strangers on the web can appreciate what you have, except for what you gave us. You don't have to match his routine, you do your best with what you have. I do agree his checking out other girls can be a way of manipulation. But don't just assume all advice here's good. Relationships, especially after a few years, take a lot of work and little things can grow bigger. You may lack experience, but everbody does somehow. Your husband is flawed, just like you, me and everyone here. The reason some people give what seems to be good advice from experience is because they also made bad choices. Sometimes the first bad choice is marrying the wrong person, even knowing it's wrong. Everything else follows suit. If one thing is wrong in your marriage, fix it. If many things are wrong, what could be wrong would be trying to fix it. Sorry if I couldn't make it clearer, English is not my first language.

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