My husband [38M] is sitting around doing nothing while I [36F] am on overdrive trying to keep us moving forward.

He is 6' 5" and 280 pounds now. He was 270 this summer. Yes, that obese, but not so obese he can't walk or swim.

I said he lived off of $13k before we met 12 years ago. His house was purchased through the trust (it is a 2br, 1b like 800 sq. Ft., so it isn't extravagant). We don't live off of that now. I don't know how he did it I just know that's what he said he lived off of.

He has his dive masters. He's been a been a scuba diver since he was 15. He has over 150 dives logged. We go on drive trips twice a year and he dove more often when his grandmother was alive (she took him all over).

I'm not defending him. I'm clarifying some weird tangent Reddit is on.

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