My husband is gay and I want to ruin his life like he did with mine

Do you think that you can use people and destroy their life because you feel miserable?

Do you think your misery entitles you to destroy your husband's life and family? You'd basically become the thing you are angry at your husband for: destroyer of lives. Instead of having a sham whirlwind marriage, you would basically make sure his family would never contact him again and out him before he is ready. Just because you feel your life is a dumpster fire, it doesn't mean you get to spead that dumpster fire around.

Yes, what happened is shitty. Yes, it wasn't fair and he should never have put you in that position. Yes, he deserves karma but not by you.

Your job is to take care of you. Outting your husband or getting revenge is NOT taking care of you. Its petty bullshit. Do things that are actually healthy for you instead of fixating on revenge.

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