My husband hid the fact he has colon cancer from me :( (33 F) (34 M)

When there's blood in the bowl, it has already progresses pretty far. That means a large part of the intestine will get removed, your husband will get a colostomy, either temporary or permanently, depending on how much healthy colon remains, and will usually also get chemo after the surgery.

That means you need to make plans so that your whole live doesn't fall apart when your husband will not be able to work for some months, or even succumbs to the cancer.

There are certain ways to restrict debt only to a single partner, and that's what you should look into, so that the cost of treatment will not stick with you forever. You should post on /r/personalfinance - it's a large sub with 14m members, and there are people who know how to keep the fallout from costly treatments at bay.

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