my husband left me for another women

OP needs to reas this but I fear OP may not believe it. I remember getting similar advice and I just couldn't believe it. Something about the pain being so fresh blinds us and makes it hard for us to believe there is anything else but the pain and suffering. OP if you're reading this, I know it's hard to believe. Your world is crumbling and you're in so much pain you can't even breathe or function at all. If you truly feel an impulse to hurt yourself, please, please reach out to your mom or someone close other than your WS. Do not reach out to him, do not even try to discover anything new. Let it be and accept that it's over. That's the first step, accept the reality of the situation and don't remain hopeful of reconciliation because: 1) he won't be back begging for quite some time and by then you'll realize you're better off and 2) you are indeed better off without him. You're worth more than you know and he's not worthy of you and has proven it.

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