My husband and I paid off our house last year and I find all desire to continue working is disappearing.

I wouldn't be retiring permanently. It's more about taking a sabbatical from working, for a year or two. But you've given me something to think about.

We've always kept our finances separate, and he is about two years younger than me. I guess I haven't thought ahead about what both of us need to save for retirement, just myself. I need to talk to him about what our next big goal is. For a long while, it was paying off the house. Since we've done that, we've just been socking away money to savings or making home repairs, kind of adrift with vague ideas about moving to Colorado.

Husband is the most cerebral person I know. I know that even if we both retired early, he would not be content to leave programming. Programming is his primary interest. He would probably form his own startup and continue on.

Two things have become more concrete to me from talking to folks in this thread: I can take a sabbatical for mental health purposes, if I want. Afterwards, I need to go full-time doing work I love with more flexibility, or work part time. I don't need to burn bridges with the company I work for, either.

I'll have a sit-down with husband and decide what to do next.

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