To my husband whom attempted suicide today

Please ask your husband to seek Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT). These programs use drugs like Suboxone in the short term an/or long term depending on where he goes. The success rates are far higher and will give your husband a chance to kick his habit safely and effectively. Please don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s kicking one habit for another. If used properly, it’s simply a medication used to treat a medical condition. I have allergies and take Zyrtec everyday. That doesn’t mean I’m a drug addict it means that I use a medication to help prevent the symptoms of my condition. Your husband is an addict, which is a medical condition, and there is nothing wrong with him taking a medication that prevents him from becoming symptomatic of that condition.

For you, I suggest you read Dopesick by Beth Macy. It is an amazing, excellent book about the history of opioid addiction and it follows the lives of several users so that you can understand this addiction. It affects ALL people of all lifestyles or socioeconomic status. It also discusses how much more successful we would be at eliminating this epidemic if more doctors and communities supported MAT.

I’m so sorry. It will get better. Please PM me if you want to talk! My partner and I were both addicted to opioids and have been clean for nearly 6 years with the help of Suboxone. Don’t feel silly for not knowing what was going on. Sometimes it CAN be easy to hide. To this day, no one but my partner, myself, the people we got the pills from, and our doctors know we were addicted. None of our friends or family knew or know now. We were lucky to get help when we did. Seriously, message me if you need to. I truly believe MAT could give your husband a chance at a new life with you and your child.

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