My husbands gaming irritates me to no end, advice needed!

Yeah, we’re still kinda working out the kinks of that. Just talked with him again and he said he isn’t going to play at all tomorrow so fingers crossed on that! He’s always had a bit of an addiction, but before I met him he sold all of his gaming devices because he was tired of playing them so often and then taking up all his time. Then once we had a child and moved to where we are currently, he went and bought a console again and has been playing ever since. I’d like to think he’ll just grow out of it and sell it again but my only concern is now he has a group of online friends he plays with and they’re all very close, where as in the past he didn’t really play online with anyone. So now I feel like he feels he has this commitment to his friends to play with them all the time, and I really have no idea how he’s gonna be able to really shrink down the amount of time he plays with them. Thanks for your comment, hopefully I do end up getting a little luck on my side at some point! lol

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