My idea for Wildlife POP for hunting/trading in either Ck3 (alt. DLC) or Vicky3

Victoria 3 --

Wildlife would be divided into different categories like Tiger, Shark, Rhino, Bear, Moose etc. depending on what nation you're playing as. It'd be placed in the POPulation screen where you can simply view it's annual/daily rate of birth/death which modifies the overall "Extinction threat."

Modifiers to "birth/death" rate itself would be based off either your High Class population demand for delicacies, and/or nations importing ingredients from you for their expensive delicacies.

Basically as you begin trading with other nations and developing cultural technology, your own High Class pop is influenced, and begins demanding this very same export.

None of the trade is managed manually through the "Trade Screen", but is instead available as both a diplomatic option, and an event that is triggered when you are on good terms with any nation or ally.

Imagine the "trade" events in Tropico where nations would ask for a select number of exports in exchange for a sum of money/blueprints.

Except here if another nation asks for export, you can choose a different trading partner, or accept, which ofc grants you opinion and money boost.

This event can describe a recent craze for "fin soup" in an Asian country for example, (if you can decide whether to export or not decides the effect on selected wildlife population, and the consciousness for Fishermen/Low Class POP).

Banning export on threatened species decreases nations opinion of you.

And "Zoo events" (or something similar) in a "civilized" nation allows you to breed certain species.

If you have puppet states, you can "map paint" a zone in which you can exploit it's wildlife, whilst hurting your "infamy" and "raising revolt risk" in the puppet state.

If there is ever a "revolt", it won't be the puppet state revolting. But instead large number of Peasant POPs appearing in these "harvest zones". Your Puppet state either helps you, or joins in the revolt and escalate it to the point of you potentially losing said state.

But if it aids you, and you win. It kindly asks of you to back off, to which you can respond either way you want.

Crusader Kings 2 DLC/Ck3 --

Hovering over select provinces displays together along with terrain information, also what wildlife resides there (if there was to be a map mode, it should display "Endangered" level through provinces in Dark green to Light Green, and in endangerment %).

A decision granting "Open Season"/"Ban hunting", triggers a series of events for you to choose animal, choose location for hunt/ban, and duration of hunt/ban. And ofc cash/opinion loss/Boost of characters with the temporary trait On hunt that appears/disappears every other day.

You can also choose whether to go out in one of these hunts yourself if you need the Prestige boost.

Oh, and plotting against a character On hunt boosts your plot points, SO appearing in public raises the plot points for plots against you as well.

And a map paint mode doesn't exist here, however a decision letting you send hunters to a province/ally province of your choice is available. And other nations/allies can also choose to send hunters to you. But there will be no revolt risk or exploitation. Only events describing how your/foreign hunters have behaved badly towards the peasants.

Sending hunters reflects in a loss of levies, but gives you a monthly income and lessens the effect hunting has on your wildlife as the hunting is no longer concentrated within your borders. And owner of said province can choose to keep your hunters, which damages opinion with some vassals. OR he/She can demand money from you.

Same applies if you receive hunters within your borders: You can choose to keep the hunters, who are now available to you under "Mercenaries" (In the military screen), this also damages vassal opinion with their liege. And ofc you can ask for cash if you want.

As for a trading function in Ck, same as the aforementioned trade ideas in Vic2 more or less apply here (Events where for example, a King asks for X number of Z, Vassal/Liege is expecting someone and needs X number of Z for dinner/showing off.)

Overall does this seem like a good idea? Would it add to the game? If the feature went by the general principle described here, would it be "balanced", and if not, how would you suggest a "Wild Life" feature to be added in a future/current Paradox game?

I wish I knew how to mod :´(

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