My idea of how the DCEU timeline/watch order should work going forward…

Affleck’s solo Batman movie isn’t ever going to happen. He’s a recovering alcoholic who’s alcoholism is triggered by the stress of making big IP movies. He has said many times publicly he doesn’t not want to and will not stay in big IP movies anymore. He will be a cameo guy only moving forward. This constant push to have him come back is completely tone deaf to the man’s wishes. If he comes back to make a movie or could kill him. He’s never making a Batfleck movie. He could be a bit part in a Deathstroke movie but aside from that is 1000% never happening and I wish people would respect Affleck’s wishes.

Zack Snyder is never ever coming back. He has plans with Netflix for years. DC has plans moving forward for years that do not include Snyder or his vision. Cavill has made it clear he’s not into Snyder’s Superman and the Superman he’s bringing back will be closer to JL2017 and the old school Superman. There’s zero version of reality where Cavill wants to do Snyder’s version of Superman again. It’s done. It’s over. It has been done for years. It’s not ever ever happening. If it does it will be without Cavill and Affleck and what’s the point then anyway?

Birds of Prey won’t get a sequel. Not much else to say there. It just won’t.

Aside from most of the David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, everything you listed is probably happening anyway. David Ayer’s Suicide Squad I think will be released at some point. It’s so close to finished, it’s easy money.

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