My insecurities ruining my chances to be with someone I'm into

You are using the wrong numerical measurements to come to a conclusion. This is a handful of experiences, not seventy five.

You are also trying to understand the behavior of other people by using yourself as the causation factor.

Chemistry is a mysterious thing. Just because someone is into you and you don't feel the same way, does that mean no other woman on the planet will want him?

Of course not.

The same is true in reverse. Just because you want someone and he doesn't want you, does not mean you are perfect for someone else.

As far as your actual behavior, I would lower your expectations for mutual liking and interest until you have had time to observe that person's behavior. Everybody gets ghosted. Acknowledge that and move on. It's part of dating and you have to accept that.

Get out of something immediately when you pick up signals that the guy is not that into you. Such as your present person.

Don't wait around hopeful. Don't romanticize or think if you are good enough, he will come around. It never works out that way.

Don't waste your time. It has value.❤️

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