My issues with slavery that I’d like cleared up (please read fully)

Slavery is more like taking care of the person. So if there is a war, usually what other nation do to the remaining enemies is execution. Islam though take them as slaves. So ones with high rank goes with high rank. They stay with them and eat with them and are clothed etc. Islam slavery is not like slavery of America where they get beaten up and all. Let alone beat up your slave, you cannot burden them with tasks they cannot bear. They also have a right of the food you eat, you can't just give them bread crumbs while you eat better. They also have a right of freedom if you decided they want to be free. So you will have to negotiate with them something for them to be free.

Also if you believe in Allah fully then you should not believe in Allah negatively nor should you deny in what Allah commands. Ibrahim peace be upon him was about to slaughter his own son who was a prophet for Allah. Trust in Allah more than your logic. Just make sure what is being said by Allah comes from authentic source. Qur'an and Sahih Hadith.

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