My Jewish neighbor hates that I'm Jewish.

So if my mother is Jewish, I'm not. Okay. Thank you. This is helpful information. The matrilineal DNA comments my neighbor made were false. I appreciate the honesty.

I didn't say any Jewish jokes. You really shouldn't call jokes 'Jew jokes'. My neighbor doesn't like when people say 'Jew'. He finds it offensive. That comment sounds awful disrespectful.

Please tell me what's offensive about saying I'm taking a big Jewish shit. Is it because the shit is 'jewish' and you don't believe I am Jewish?

Is it because I used the word 'shit'? Can Jewish people not hear that word, sort of like how muslims killed those French people for printing a comic that made fun of Mohammed?

Or is it because Jewish people don't shit? And the thought of a Jewish person taking a crap is absolutely horrible.

I seriously want to know. Please elaborate.

I can't ask my neighbor about his experiences, he won't talk to me.

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