My jobless roommate is constantly criticizing me over everything around the apartment

I once moved in with my bestfriend after been warned that it was terrible idea. I was the same a introvert that works 6 days a week (at the time I was doing 13 days on, 12 hour night shifts) when I had the time off the last thing I wanted to do was clean a house that I never spent any time in, and when I did I was in my room, the mess wasn't mine, it had got abit tense when he asked me to borrow 6grand to buy a van to go travelling.. and him being my bestfriend since primary school i felt like I had to help him, I ended up moving out and he did eventually pay me all back, now I live in my own place and it's perfect being able to do things at my own pace and being able to shut off from people to recharge my batteries, if you can financially afford it I would say go you can't hold yourself back if your friend isn't willing to get a job and support herself and by the looks of it she doesn't really appreciate your hard work because she doesn't work.

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