My journey of self-improvement has caused unrelenting anxiety and endless self-hate.

I (partially) understand that it takes time, it just feels like I am wasting time right now feeling like this. I have this endless anxiousness that I need to be doing something right now or else I am being lazy.

What is this something? I don’t fully know and that alone kills me. I have this feeling that I need to be feeling fucking fantastic 24/7 all the time and something out there will give me that but I dont know what it is. Wether it be a career, a boyfriend (Im a dude), some hobby idk. Something. And the longer I dont have it, the longer I spend being unhappy and I feel like I am wasting time being unhappy.

Do i have time? At 22, the answer is (probably) yes. But I don’t feel like I have time. Everyday that passes feels like it’s being wasted with my sadness. I am wasteful.

As for the type, this guys does CBT and some other stuff.

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