My lawyer called me today with good/bad news

Example 1:

One of my special interests is Law. This comes from my stepdad being a lawyer and judge(retired). We have spent thousands of hours discussing various cases and how the law works from the perspective of the bench. He has often told me that if it were not for a langauge deficit I could write and pass any bar exam. not sure how true that is but eh, I'll take the complement.

I have been concerned about the legality of some of the restrictions the government has been pushing though that are likely not constitutional. I get that everyone is panicked right now but there are long term concerns with how this is being done and when i try to point this out to my local community, im downvoted, called names, marginalized, harassed etc. Its obvious i will never be allowed to participate as an equal in society.

Example 2.

I applied for a federal job. A position that i am eminently qualified for. I was basically told "yea you have passed all our qualification tests, and yes you aced every one, however autistic people need not apply".

example 3:

Previous employer was poisoning the entire office with neurotoxins. I tried working with this guy to correct the situation but he refused to. I eventually had to call our equivalent of OSHA, who assured me that I absolutely could not be fired for reporting. They investigated, found he was indeed poisoning everyone and ordered immediate changes. He then started painting me as "mentally unstable", because of my stims. so yes he was not allowed to fire me for reporting, but he was able to construct a reason based on my disclosed disabilty.

example 4:

I attempted to take a certification course to further my career. Grade 12 was very hard for me to complete, but i did it with great expense hireing a 1:1 tutor to help me. This was 30 years ago (damm am i that old)

I have been working in the bio field now for 10 years, running a biolab. I have taught courses on genetic engineering and have been awarded numerous patents as well as being published in major journals. They woulds not allow me into the course (10 month certificate) because the ministry of education lost my grade 12 transcripts and they refused to accept that as a person on the spectrum i actually learn better hands on anyways, refused to make any accommodations or consider my work experience at all. they would not let me enter the course because i cannot produce marks for bio 12 from 30 years ago, even though im doing well documented advanced molecular biology work now.

The system is hopelessly stacked against me. I grow bitter and want to make society hurt for the pain its inflicted on me. However i have strong and rigid beliefs about harming others, I have no right to kill anyone no matter how much they harm me, however my life is my own to do with as i wish. The only person i can kill ethically is me. So rather than turn Toronto van attack on ableists that I cannot describe how much hate i feel for them, its better to take myself out of the equation. Someone once said to me "maybe its you", and I considered that perhaps they are correct, I'm the piece of the puzzle that needs to be removed to balance the equation.

I could make it in this world if there was some compassion and space to be me, but unfortunately where i live its wall to wall ableists that don't even see their privilege they hold over people like me.

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