my life is hell

I’m sorry for whatever nerve your daddy struck when he left the scars you still live with. whatever he said certainly hit a nerve as you just can’t let go. So you while away your days on your vicarious fantasy bachelor princess dreams... recording and rehashing all the nuances of those people’s contrived for t.v. lives. What a narcissistic train wreck you must be. Perfectly coifed hair, clothing meant for teenagers, the words “daddy issues” practically tattooed on your forehead. slathered with makeup... whatever it takes to distract yourself and others from whatever daddy said that hit too close to that truth you detest about yourself so much that the utterance reverberates still... shaping who you are... shaping your assumptions about others. So obvious yet so unescapable for you.

I was wrong, my life isn’t hell... your life is hell. comparison mine is great. Thanks for the perspective. really appreciate you.


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