Is my life normal?

ALSO after when we got home he just left. He didn't even say anything, he just left and came home around 8pm. Anyways this happened a while ago (like 1month) It's been "normal" for now. Uhh. So I wanted a therapist because honestly, I'm very lonely, bad at connections, honestly I probably sometimes do get pretty depressed like I usually don't feel so happy alive, I can't keep friendships, dunno how to control anger or emotions, well yea. And I also hate living this way. Well I asked for one, to my dad, but i didnt tell him why because I could barely tell past therapists any of my concerns because i was scared of judgement or i didnt know how to. Well, he found one who happened to be male and he wouldn't let me go to him. "WELL, I FEEL uncomfortable with you going to a male therapists and since I DO and I BELIEVE a girl needs a woman therapist." Like I'm looking for a fucking mom wtf. So I haven't gotten one, in like a month. I ask him like only once a week lol because I looked on the internet and found some near me. But hes like YEAH I'm so busy, i will do it. And today I reminded him that i sent him an email, but was like I know I know... Like i was bothering him.

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