My life is over.. Hopes and dream are crushed. It was a nice life while it lasted. Farewell all, it’s been a fun journey.

I looked it up. NUIG is leagues ahead of the places I went to college.

I studied a lot of Irish lit in college, worked with a professor who specialized in Irish lit, wrote a bunch of papers on Joyce specifically. I've always wanted to travel over there. Completely fucked what the English did over hundreds of years there. Beyond fucked.

Just took offense at you calling young college grads with debt "retards." It's rough here in the states for most of us.

Nothing but respect for Ireland. It's late on a Friday and I've had a few and several drinks. Just fucking around.

The Europe trips I've planned always started in Ireland. Haven't had a chance to go.

Have fun in our beautiful state! Drive up the 1 and explore it! There's so much to see. It's almost five times the size of Ireland! I've met plenty of Irish transplants too.

Have a good one.

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