My little sister told me she was being bullied and I ignored her. She killed herself in her room, and now I hate myself.

There's always going to be horrible people in the world - especially as a kid. That's not to say that bullying is okay, but I doubt we'll ever be rid of it. What really matters is that you have people who love you and support you.

If I have a daughter and neglect to immunize them, damn right it's my fault when Karens kids give my daughter measles and she dies. Yes, Karen is at fault too, for sending her sick kids to daycare.

Also, on a more long term note - I have a lot of mental health issues now, due to what happened to me when I was young. I put the vast majority of blame on my family, not the bullies. It's my parents fault for not getting me out of those situations, getting me therapy, and giving me love.

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