My (M-30s) girlfriend (M-30s) has a lot of male "friends", hangouts have the appearance of dates

This is an interesting question. My gut feeling is "no", not because this situation has come up ever, but based on her demeanor around the topic of exes and a tendency I think she has to make a comparison of herself.

At the same time, I think she could say "yes", because of the establishment that there is no interest from my end (basically, the justification she uses for herself).

I do often find these types of double standard situations that often go over looked: "how would you feel if the role were reversed", and I think then she tends to acknowledge it.

It reminds me of the comparison she makes between: the "dates" that she goes on which I've described in the OP, and the fact that I occasionally exchange messages with a platonic woman friend over Instagram. I went on one date with that woman a few years ago, and it was platonic ever since; I don't think the comparison is very valid because that woman lives in a different country, we don't see each other ever and the messages are pretty occasional and benign (sharing cat pictures or something of that nature).

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