My (M27) partner (F23) is being manipulated by her friends into thinking I am controlling. What do I do?

You should seek therapy. I'm sure this is difficult for you to process, but based just on the info you posted, you have some real issues with trust and respect.

No one said anyone is a "blameless angel". I have no idea what your girlfriend is like irl. That doesn't really matter though, to know what you are like. I can tell that from your posts. The fact that you immediately resort to calling your ex-girlfriend a whore because she has male friends is deeply disturbing. What exactly should strangers on the internet be "proving" to you? You posted in a forum about relationships and people gave you good advice on how to handle this situation.

Your behavior IS controlling. Your attitude is condescending and entitled. Take some time and therapy, and process your pain/grief over getting dumped, and be a damn adult. You are not entitled to your ex's attention, body, or life. And as for the next person who is generous enough to be with you, treat them with respect and dignity or expect the same outcomes again.

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