My (M43) wife (F40) of nine years has gotten into an emotional affair with the husband (M47) of our close friends.

The innocent flirting has crossed the line with a lot of sexual enuendos and physical touching. It really started around her birthday a couple months ago. He being an outgoing guy said we should go out for her birthday his treat. That is normal but later that night and I don't think she realized I could hear, she said to him "so I hear you want to take me on a date?" In a suggestive tone. I was taken back and didn't really do anything, almost wanting to see if this continued.

What happened after? What was his response? What was his body language even? Who else noticed? Where has she been recently that you could ascertain might be a way for her to engage physically? Any sudden nights out? Working late?

I think it's very likely that it isn't just an emotional affair, something has happened already or it is about to. Her alcohol problem if not a catalyst will definitely be behind any physical encounter, you can catch this early providing she hasn't actually done anything and recommend counselling for alcohol abuse.

But please bear some of the other responses, this isn't just emotional, it's serious.

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