My mind is definitely made up but feel free to try. The left is shitting themselves.

This is the part where they start gettin crazy and vicious like cornered wild animals.

Republicans are gonna play it cool and calm, and let the people decide for themselves which side is actually unhinged and insane. Everybodys gonna take their lead from Barr, Goodlatte, GEOTUS, on how to handle TDS.

Cruz and the Freedom Caucus are gonna head up our "Justified Rage" division, vocally pushing for maximum punishment for misdeeds.

All other Republicans are just gonna calmly get to work cleaning house like Mr. Wolf from pulp ficiton.

Dems gonna go out in a screaming tantrum like the wicked witch of the west. Or like when pantifa snowflakes get arrested. Or like a demon being exorcised. "Im meeeellllltiinnggg, Ill get youuuu somedaaaayyyyy blahwhaglahlahblahhhh... obama did nothing wronnnggggg....wlahhahahahhhhghghghhh!"

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