My molestor (23M) may be doing it to another?

Throwaway for obvious reasons. I'll start by saying I'm really sorry for the tough childhood you've went through. Nobody should ever have to go through that and it's heartbreaking that there wasn't a support system in place to help you.

That said, outing this guy could totally ruin his life, which might be deserved! But it is important to know that taking action here has a lot of heavy consequences involved and the decision shouldn't be made lightly.

I will say this. When I was a young kid, maybe 12 years old as well, I was very troubled. I have some psychological issues that I now get treated and worked with over, but as a kid, I was incredibly confused and struggled with a lot of things. To cut to the chase, this included a lot of sexual frustrations and confusion. I never learned nor was taught much in the area, it was kind of taboo around our house. But there were 2 occasions in which I inappropriately touched a young family member I had, age around 6. I never touched down there nor did she ever cry or say anything because she didn't realize that I was doing anything wrong, since it wasn't aggressive nor...I'll spare the details, but it wasn't involving my parts nor directly hers. Anyways, this, along with some other issues of mine, ate me up for the next year until I was 13 or so and broke down and talked to my parents about it and started to receive some help. Back then I had a lot of thoughts about things in that sexual realm that I never acted upon, but were frequently tormenting my mind.

I was a kid, and very disturbed and confused, but what I did rips me apart from the inside to this day and obviously being a kid is no excuse. But it isn't who I am today. And while I still carry many mental burdens on my shoulders, and still have a lot of sexual frustrations, I work against them every week, receive some professional help, and am a very well-adjusted, happily married person. I never have and am disgusted by thoughts of adults doing something like that to children (or anybody of course).

So my point is, is that he was young, and people can change. THAT SAID, his actions did seem a lot more malicious towards you than my experience. And, those statutory rape charges are HUGE red flags her as well. I'm not defending him, but these incidents happened over 10 years ago and you have had little to no contact with him in a while and I just think that is worth mentioning since it complicates the scenario.

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