My mom is 15 years younger than my dad. I’m starting to resent him so much for the age gap.

There are countless ungrateful daughters out there. And there are bad fathers/mothers for sure. To blame age gap is laughable. What's unacceptable is feeling that you're entitled to take decisions on behalf of your mother. Tbh I admire your mother! Forget about your father being her husband. The mere act of helping a sick person speaks a lot about her good-heartedness. She's a wonderful person. For people who don't like comments that judge the OP. She judged her father and her mother herself. So it goes both ways. Consider my comment as an offmychest reply because honestly I don't like people who speak ill of their parents because of "age gap". Not abuse, but age f* gap! He's sick and she hates him for being sick. Guess what, you will get sick someday and you will need somebody to take care of you.

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