My mom (57/F) and I (27/F) are clashing on politics, and I'm having trouble moving past it

I asked my mom to start reading opposing news. I'm okay with her being republican but I wasn't okay with it being because of dumb things she sees on Facebook.

This may not work with your mom but I talked to my mom about how it was important to me that she understood where I was coming from and that I wasn't some crazy hippy snowflake (or whatever the term is lol) and that she knows I'm not a bad person or criminal. This logic might help convince your mom that democrats aren't evil, they just have different opinions. I know its a strong belief in my Southern Baptist family that Republicans are good and democrats are inherently evil. You can't argue someone's opinion away from them, but you can try to change the way they see things.

With my mom, it hasn't changed her political stance but she says its been eye opening to see the other side and she understands more why people might vote democrat. She also now realizes that both sides exaggerate and produce fake news. Its made her start to look up things herself and not just accept what she sees on Facebook.

Good luck!!

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