My mom is abandoning her duties as a mother. I'm only 14. I do know what to do?

So lemme get this straight, Tupac’s mom smoked crack and your over here bitching about this? I mean to be fair no it’s not fair, sometimes you get a shit mom, but your only alternative is foster care if you involve SS and then, the guilt feeling of causing your mother legal problems. This makes me not want kids, because no she’s not right in her actions but you bringing this on Reddit, in front of the whole world exposing her like that. I hope your children don’t do the same, cause tbh you have no idea the stress your parents have on them. You never will until your in their position. You’re best bet is bite your lip, if your hit or touched in anyway please inform police but if it’s just bitching, and whining bit your lips invest into school and getting yourself out ASAP. I can’t deal with my mother a lot either, but our relationship got so much better when we separated. And I was a real POS son. I put my hands on my own mother, my father committed suicide and she’s has to do it solo for 25+ years. She’s been mean to me but I’ve been abusive to her, but at the end of the day. She’s the only one I can depend on to ask me how I am. Picks up my phone call everytime I call. I used to hate her, but I quickly realized I only get one. And sometimes that one really sucks, but idk you. It maybe really bad for your emotions there in that case I’d ask to go to family therapy before involving any type of authority. But try to work through your emotions. This could be teaching you to do that, cause you may be looking at his from a mad 14 year olds eyes but lemme tell you. The world doesn’t get any nicer don’t be down about it. Be tough and use it to work through your feelings and learn to control them if you learn to be not upset and react everytime. Perhaps if your mom really is jar all about herself, she won’t find the fun in it anymore and she will find someone else to listen to her whine

But from where I’m sitting, I haven’t heard you say she makes us pay bills, help pay house taxes, buy our own food

If your staying under my roof. You’re damn right your going to do the dishes and vacuum the dog hairs up , your going to be outside freezing with me load the wood up for heat, because as long as your living rent free, under their roof. And are 14. You don’t have a say, now you can go make it all about you with the authorities stir up a bunch of drama and be heading to court, where you’ll really get a chance to cry and whine in front of a judge as your mother looks from the defendant bench in utter depression.

Sometimes unless your being molested or hurt in anyway you kids need to learn to buck the fuck up, you’re only learning what the world is really like before everyone else did. Most children should pay for this lesson. Cause the best thing to happen to a child is to be born into poverty or have shitty unrealistic parents.

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