My mom who recently joined a club (that seems very much like a cult to me) is trying to get me to join as well and it's affecting our relationship.

Invite her to spend time with you and another woman her age at a time that conflicts with the cult.

I found an offer of dinner is rarely refused by older women.

Sign her up at a gym that has classes all day. Buy her a item every week month etc. She will make so many friends the cult won't remain a memory.

A guy I served with recently retired and moved his mom to socal from texas.

Apparently all she was doing was getting into arguments on Facebook all day and wearing socially unacceptable things.

After 6 month in the gym all she cared about was who was teaching zumba and yoga pants.

Her husband is so happy about her body he thought he was experiencing stroke symptoms but we figured out his face was sore from smiling the day after she worked glutes!.

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