My mom won’t let us move in

This is my completely blunt and non-watered down take on this, so don't read it if you're just looking for people to affirm your feelings and tell you you're right--

The way you've spoken about your mother in this thread demonstrates a very damaged and toxic relationship. I can't judge how much of the toxicity comes from your mother because I haven't heard her side, but I can tell you from your posts it is not entirely on your mother. You're being rude, insulting, and just nasty towards her in some of the things you're saying about her. Based on that, I can see why she doesn't want you in her house. All religion aside, I wouldn't want someone in my house who goes on the internet and tells people how batshit crazy and evil I am.

In addition, you're 31 and you are in no way entitled to a place in her home. You also seem to be using Christianity as a pawn-- telling us it means she has to give you exactly what you want or else she's a bad Christian. That's manipulative and selfish. Don't use another person's religion as a way to guilt them into giving you what you want. You are NOT entitled to live in her home and she is in no way obligated to let you live there.

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