My mom's religious and Pro Trump. I constantly tell her she's supporting Satan's plan by supporting Trump. She legit responds with angry demonic shrieks.

I haven't lived at home in 5 years but I may need to raise money to rescue my dad. My poor dad who just wants to enjoy a peaceful existence. Here's some of the texts I've gotten today all because I told her trans people cost less than Trump's personal trips and what the military spends on Viagra.

"Your facts are NOT facts just like the fake dossier that was paid to damage Trump. Stop with your garbage. Satan has YOU RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS YOU. YOUR THE FOOL.

Satan runs congress and definitely the last Administration.

I Believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I believe in man and woman and I also believe in Freedom and that means Freedom of speech, which you and your brainwashed pot heads are trying to suppress. You are the haters, you are the racists and you are socialist dictators. Fuck off."

She said all that and more, after I calmly corrected this:

"No my concern is how many Americans will join the military just for a free sex change then go awall and an honorable discharge. The money for military should go for equipment, ammo, technology, sick veterans Not sex change, or Viagra and dick implants, as Sal and his old girlfriend Liz said. They are their to Protect and Fight not Fuck. Really, you are so brainwashed. I am nit able to pay all your fucking bills. You better start saving fir a car, as this I the very last one you get from us."

She's also accusing me of talking over her via text....Dude I'm concerned. THIS IS TRUMP'S BASE.

He's legit ruined my mother. She was never this awful.

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