My mood journal while dealing with depression and starting new medication. [OC]

This is not meant to be condescending or malicious but i really want to say this: be careful. I don’t know what you are diagnosed with or if you just suffer 21st century syndrome (systemic isolation and proliferation of social media, etc.) but i have been on and off prozac and other meds for years and I’ve only found them to be a crutch like weed can be. After my last period on them, about a year, i found they “wore off” after time and dose increases were the only option I had. Its my understanding that the medical community is very split over weather antidepressants are helpful or harmful since there is little data to explain why it works or how it works on some people. I am glad you have stabilized your mood but I will say in all sincerity to be skeptical of medication. Part of me thinks this could be the lead paint of our generation because we don’t know how it effects the brain long term and we don’t even test patients who receive SSRI’s for serotonin imbalances and such.

Anyway, those are my two cents and i could be completely wrong. Enjoy your night!

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