My mother badgering me and calling me names because I said I dislike the president

We can't even have a revolution because 1 day not working means the electricity gets turned off. So we barely scrape by until we die. We don't get to vacation. We don't get to enjoy life. A year ago it got so bad they rurned us down for SNAP, said we make 100$ too much for a family of four. I ended up stealing groceries just to feed my family. Sometimes when I see Redditors post pics of their adventures, food, vacations, and hobbies I just feel so hopeless because I don't even want that, I just want relief of being worried "what if the car doesn't start"or the ability to afford a new tire without having to ask for money from family. The constant threat of losing our home invades even my dreams. I don't get to escape. I'd kill myself if I didn't have kids. I just want the peace of mind of knowing my kids will be fed at the end of the week. Is that too much to ask? Why do Republicans act like my partner and I are being unreasonable? We work and pay taxes. Why is it too much to ask that maybe income inequity and cost of living should be addressed? Ugh.

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