My mother is a demon from hell.

Don't worry man. I'm happy. In fact, I'm way too happy. Her behaviour taught me the attitude of being unfuckwithable. Hardly anything she does today is able to affect me, but today, although an average day, I reached another edge. Her behaviour is the uncomfort life throws at a person to make her move. This hell started 2 years ago but holy sh*t, I've grown. I know I'm ahead of my age. To be honest, you have no idea how often I hear that even considering I am aware of how immature it would be to make my intelligence and wisdom evident to others. I got into non-fiction, knowledgeable books and ditched all the crap like consistent video-gaming, junk food, complaining, negative thinking and more.

And you're right. As I said, my dogs are my children. When I adopted them, I finally understood what parents really feel. You can go mad sometimes but the size of your love is cosmic. Your brain starts to ignore everything else, every single feeling other than what comes from the love of your child.

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