My mother won the KFC photoshop contest and her prize scares me.

I didn’t skip over anything, but thanks for the assumption.

I disagree. Sorry, but it’s that simple. And I’ve submitted things to contests knowing the rules.

Yeah, it’s fanart. It can be both fanart and future tweet material.

That’s the problem here. You’re seeing things in a very ‘this or that’ way. This can be both what I said and what you said. I just disagree with making it out to be something sinister and moneygrabby every dang time there’s a company giveaway.

Radio stations do this. Schools do this. Companies do this. Charities do this. It’s one of the most common media/consumer contact opportunities in the PR business and it’s ok.

I think it’s annoying to remind people about this like they can’t figure it out for themselves. It’s a bit patronizing.

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